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Program Schedule

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All times below are set in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Music | Talk | Youth | Bilingual | Random Mix


8 - 9AM Random Mix   TBA  
9AM - 1PM Random Mix   Random Mix  
1–3PM Diasporic Music   Diasporic Music Podcast
3-5PM Powerful By Nature   Powerful by Nature Podcast
5-6PM Catch da Flava   Catch da Flava Podcast
6–7PM Random Mix   Random Mix  
7-8PM G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories   G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories  


12-1PM State of Mind   State of Mind


1-2PM   Mockingbird Radio Show  
2-3PM Random Mix   Random Mix  
3-6PM ItaL rOOts RaDio   ItaL rOOts RaDio  
6-7PM Catch da Flava   Catch da Flava Podcast
7-8PM Murphy Browne   Word of Mouth Podcast
8-10PM Tecktonics   Tecktonics


12–1PM Random Mix   Training Sessions  
1-3PM Jazz Gumbo   Jazz Gumbo  
3-5PM Afrobeats City   Afrobeats City
5–7PM Middle Passage   Middle Passage Podcast
7-8PM   The Hip-Hop Enthusiast  
8-11PM 365 Balls 4 Laugh   365 Balls 4 Laugh


9-12PM Jazz Zone   Jazz Zone Pt. 1 Podcast
Wireless Reflections   Wireless Reflections  
1-2PM Murphy Browne  

Murphy Browne

2–3PM All Our Relations   For Your Health  
3–4PM All Our Relations   All Our Relations  
4-5PM Random Mix   Training Sessions  
5–6PM The French Show   The French Show  
6–7PM Frame Line   Frameline Podcast
7–10PM Rebel Music   Rebel Music  


9AM–1PM Jazz Zone   Jazz Zone Pt. 2 Podcast
1–2PM Stage Left   Stage Left
2–3PM   Radio Regent News & Views
3–5PM Ear Candy   Ear Candy Podcast
5–7PM Paul Corby   Corby's Orbit
7–9PM Krush Grove   Krush Groove  
9–11PM Timbuktu Radio   Timbuktu Radio  


10–11AM The Women's Hour   The Women's Hour Podcast
11–3PM The Kool Breeze Experiment   The Kool Breeze Experience Podcast
3–6PM Megenagna Radio   Megenagna Radio Podcast
6-7PM G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories   The Phoenix  
7-8PM Black Wellness   Black Wellness  
8-9PM Random Mix   Random Mix  
9PM-12AM Sector 8   Sector 8  


9AM–12PM The Moderns   The Moderns  
12-2PM Rise Up Radio   Rise Up Radio  
2–4PM Old School Throw Backs   Old School Throw Backs Podcast
4–6PM New Perspective   አዲስ ቅኝት / New Perspective
6–7PM Tower of Song   Tower of Song  
7–8PM The Long Note   The Long Note  
8–9PM Tdot Taste   Tasttlig  
9-10PM Neo Unfiltered   Neo Unfiltered  
10–11PM   Boarding Diaspora  

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