Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Listen To Radio Regent Live?

There are plently of different ways you can tune in to Radio Regent. You can listen through this website directly by clicking the listen button, at the top of the screen. Or you can search "Radio Regent" on virtually any radio app downloaded to either Android, Apple or other device. To view a list of supported mobile apps click here.

The Stream Won't Connect

If you are unable to connect to the stream, try here. If you are still unable to connect to the stream, it is possible our stream is offline. You can check the status below:


If the status says offline, we ask that you contact us and let us know of this issue. We recommend using a browser such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome to listen to Radio Regent.

The Stream Seems To Go On and Off Rapidly

If you are using a phone to listen to Radio Regent, you must turn off Battery-Saving Mode (Android | Apple).

If you are listening on a computer, refresh your brower. The stability of the stream relies on steady download speed from your data / internet provider. Close other tabs you may have running on your browser to free up some of the available bandwidth.

The Stream is Echoing

This is generally due to multiple players playing at the same time. If you are on your computer, make sure to close all other tabs and windows that are associated with Radio Regent. This includes the pop-out player.

If the stream is echoing on your phone, click stop or pause on the app, as its likely its playing from two sources on your phone.

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