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Hosted by Paul Corby
Genre: Music / Live Music Preformances
Airs: 5pm - 7pm (EST)
All music revolves; it goes around and around. Corby's Orbit, hosted by musician, educator and artist Paul Corby attempts to track all the trajectories of both instantly new, and durably old tunes, amidst live, in-studio performances and interviews. Known for cutting edge curation of Canadian talent, Corby digs into local and international entertainment news, historical perspectives, poetic spoken word and campaigns of shameless idealism to further expand the revolutionary airspace. Listen up!




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An Interview with Paul Corby

Radio Regent consists of numerous programmers that conduct their own radio shows on a weekly basis. Topics vary from program to program; however, each offers something exciting and unique. In each issue of The Buzz we highlight community programmers to provide a sense of the "who" behind Radio Regent.

All music revolves; it goes around and around. Known for his cutting edge curation of Canadian talent, Corby's Orbit, hosted by musician, educator and artist Paul Corby attempts to track all the trajectories of both instantly new, and durably old tunes, amidst live, in-studio performances and interviews. Recently honoured by Focus for his work with Radio Regent the Buzz sat down for a chat with Radio Regent Programmer Paul Corby.

Buzz: What inspired you to get into radio and produce Corby's Orbit?

Paul: I was a human mix-tape factory for years. As a live, dance oriented musician and DJ, I had a good idea of what people enjoyed hearing. And with the political /corporate dispersal of True Radio's integrity in the 80's, I could feel what people were missing out on. My friends were making better music than what was being promoted in the media. I wanted to bring that signal of nowadays global reality to hungry ears. And the lost quality of beauty.

Buzz: In 2013 you were the recipient of the National Campus and Community Radio Association for Outstanding Achievement in Music Program Contribution. How are you able to attract such high quality caliber of artists to your radio show?

Paul: To be candid, there is a network of passionate publicists THAT I LOVE AND TRUST, from whom we all benefit in this country. They know how to promote good music against all odds. They send artists my way. I also attend 2 or 3 shows a week myself and select the really vital live performers to pursue on my own. My goal is to make artists feel comfortable and appreciated. This requires patience and attention, which I cultivate before, during, and after they appear in The Orbit.

Buzz: How much time do you personally spend in producing a weekly two-hour long show on Radio Regent and can you describe some of those activities?

Paul: After each show is done, I write up my blog, put away disks, communicate with my guests online, and listen to something as far from the content of the previous show as possible. All week, I am listening, searching, reading and sticking little red dots beside tracks and artists that I really feel strongly about. A guiding word will emerge, usually, which I use as a vector to magnetize all the directions possible (e.g. "Change", "Premonition", "Misbelief", "Hunger").When The NOW mag comes out, the day before the show, I try to tie music into the program from whatever fascinating local performances need a boost. Altogether, about 12 dedicated hours a week, not counting transportation, casual listening, courting artists, checking local listings and finding the damn disks in my library.

Buzz: Previous to coming to Radio Regent you were a programmer on CKLN 88.1 FM radio. What do you feel are the main differences and challenges between internet radio and FM radio, and how have you managed this transition?

Paul: Really good question. Some of my colleagues had no respect for internet radio after the collapse of CKLN and bailed. . When you're "off the air" you miss the telephone connection providing instant response time. But as internet access becomes more universal (still waiting for the iCar dashboard connection) my listenership has just blown up. This country's history is the story of people who aren't afraid of frontiers. My blog was the only surviving link between me and my audience, so I grew that, hoping to add a missing dimension to the programming. Because you know your people are out there in Chrome Country, you just have to reach out. And the CRTC and the limitations of old-fashioned thinking get blown into space without a gravitational pull, while the Orbit maintains.

Corby's Orbit can be heard every Friday from 5pm to 7pm on Radio Regent, and podcasts heard at

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