4 Get About It

"4 Get About It" is a group of 4 Regent Park resident youths who all four, "Get About It". Exploring issues and topics related to the Regent Park community. Broadcasting live every Monday from 12PM to 1PM EST.


Episode 1 - Youth Workers

In our first episode of 4 Get About It, we talk to a youth worker from the Regent Park Community and the importance of the role in communities like Regent Park.

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Episode 2 - Indigenous Issues

On Today's show we talk about indigenous issues.

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Episode 3 - Homelessness

On Today's show we talk the issues with homelessness in Toronto. We interview Marci Ien, Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre, on the topic.

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Episode 4 - Mothers of Peace

On Today's show we talk about Mothers of Peace.

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Episode 5 - Gun Violence

On Today's show we talk about Gun Violence in Ontario. We interview Louis March, the founder of the Zero Gun Violence Movement about the issue.

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Episode 6 - Community Enrichment

On Today's show we talk to Regent Park community member Walied Khogali Ali, about community enrichment.

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Episode 7 - Islamophobia

On Today's show we talk about islamophobia.

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