Timeless Generation
Hosted by Zenda Lee Yoo
Editors: Xander Chuah and Athina Ji-Hae Alight
Genre: Talk and Music

Zenda Lee Yoo graduated from the University of Alberta with a Masters in Sociology, where she specialized in ethnicity and the elderly. Since then, Zenda Lee has had many careers in the restaurant, real estate and art industries all the while raising three amazing children. Her life adventures have led her to live in several cities across Canada and the globe. She continues to cultivate and explore and holds many certifications including qi-gong, yoga, and feng shui. Her life motto is to live fearlessly, joyfully and playfully.

Timeless Generation is a radio show dedicated to playing timeless music, celebrating inspirational seniors, and sharing ways to live a life well lived . We will explore different cultures,  views on aging, and methods for aging gracefully. There is no age limit to living your most healthy, creative, and beautiful life.

“Youth is a gift of nature, but age is a work of art.” - Stanislaw Jerzy Lec



2019-01-24 - Tina Turner
2019-01-10 - Diana Ross
2018-12-20 - Eartha Kitt
2018-12-13 - Bony M
2018-12-06 - ABBA
2018-10-30 - Interview with James Keene - Part 2
2018-10-23 - Interview with James Keene - Part 1
2018-09-24 - Leonard Cohen
2018-09-20 - Julio Inglesias
2018-09-13 - Tony Bennett
2018-09-06 - Interview with Dr. Steven Aung - Part 2
2018-08-30 - Interview with Dr. Steven Aung - Part 1
2018-08-21 - Aretha Franklin
2018-08-09 - Tom Jones
2018-08-02 - Interview with Susan Baruch- Part 2
2018-07-26 - Interview with Susan Baruch- Part 1
2018-07-19 - Anne Murray
2018-07-12 - Daisy Lee
2018-07-05 - Chuck Berry

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