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Ayahuasca Talks

Genre: Talk
Host: Rebecca Hayden
Airs: Wednesdays 3–4pm

Ayahuasca Talks is a radio program that explores the extraordinary experience of plant medicines. These shamanic plants are transforming lives worldwide and are growing in popularity as a result. The experiences people are having with these medicines are often deeply profound and tend to dramatically alter a person’s worldview. On this show I will tell my own story about my experiences with the medicines and offer people an opportunity for people to call in and tell their own fascinating stories. We will delve into the intriguing insights, healing and lessons that come out of these experiences and we’ll discuss the kinds of positive changes we’re seeing as a result of these experiences and their effect on individuals, families and communities around the world. Please tune in on Wednesdays at 3-4pm (Eastern Standard Time Canada) to hear the show and if you’ve had an experience you’d like to share or have a question you’d like to ask, please call in during the show¬†647-344-4134.

About the Host: Rebecca Hayden is a speaker, teacher and mental health advocate. Drawing from her own personal experiences with a debilitating depression and recovery through shamanism, Rebecca shares insights that inspire an empowering change in perspective towards life experiences as they relate to the mental state. Through her tireless commitment to integrative work and her extraordinary, ongoing experiences with plant medicines or 'teacher plants', Rebecca sheds light on the human condition and provides unique, supportive tools for personal development.

Disclaimer: This show is not to be construed as promoting or encouraging the use of plant medicines and it is not to be interpreted as medical advice. The use of these sacred medicines is a very serious step that requires deep personal reflection and responsibility.


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